The Incredible SuperPower We Forget We Have

We all know that the way we think about ourselves and our abilities will determine the direction of our lives. But often, during stressful or challenging times, we choose to forget the immense power we have to forge our own reality. It starts with control over our mind. We need to remember that it’s hard enough to move towards our goals without self-sabotage.

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For example, think about the last time you were the cause of a big snafu at work. It’s natural to feel like you’ve screwed  your career over. Now what? Do you find a dark moist corner to hide in for a couple of days? Or do you chalk it up to experience and move forward with strength and confidence? Well Clark, if you’ve chosen the latter, then you’ve shed your black-rimmed glasses and re-discovered your red cape.

You feel good now, but you will screw up again. That’s a fact. And you’ll be tempted to run, duck and hide. The big question is…how soon will you remember your true identity?

Here are four ways to uncover your SuperPersona faster.

1. Remember that you control your choices

The ideas you believe to be true are the ones you choose to empower. The simple fact is that it’s always your choice. We seem to have forgotten that we have the power to control which thoughts we allow to enter our mind and which ones we choose to believe in. If you don’t like a thought you’re listening to, then you have the power to turn it off. Just as you would when listening to a crappy tune on your iPhone. Why have we forgotten that we already have this incredible ability? I’m not sure. Though I do know that it’ll be waiting for you when you’re ready to take the reigns.

2. Pay attention to the thoughts in your head

Why is it that when it comes to the things we choose to consume, we put much more thought into what type of damn coffee we want than whether one failed attempt makes us a loser. If you’re feeling like you’re pulling away from a thought, then that’s a clue that you’ve just let the wrong one in. It’s time to examine the contents of the idea you’re allowing into your mind. If you feel uncomfortable with it, don’t fight it. And certainly don’t judge yourself based on it. Just become aware of it and then let it pass. Like a lone cloud in a summer sky. Without additional energy provided by you, the thought will wither away and die.

3. Don’t use the power of ideas to your disadvantage

Sticks and stones can break our bones, but names will never harm us. Ha! An unconstructive idea about your self-worth or your skill level will harm you more than any small object hurled towards you. That one stray thought can completely change the course of your day, or even your life if you give it the power to grow and morph into a cancerous impulse. Next time you are feeling uncomfortable with a particular idea, choose to file it away as a thought not worth taking seriously.

4. Take time to recharge

That energized bunny keeps going and going until its batteries are depleted. And it will start to slow down well before it completely stops. We work the same way. We do our best thinking when we are fully charged. As we deplete our energy reserves we begin to lose focus, make more mistakes, and get irritated more frequently. Our mind weakens and we become less productive in all areas of our life. Our confidence wanes. Why would we want to allow ourselves to continue at a disadvantage? When we feel worn down, we need to take a short break to re-energize. Get up from your desk and take a stroll around the office. It doesn’t matter where you go. Just give yourself a few moments to relax and recharge. It’s good practice to become aware of our internal power supply and choose to refuel when the low energy light pops up.

Remember that defeatist mental chatter not dealt with early on can morph into a serious impediment and screw things up royally for you. Before realizing it, your confidence has been shot and you’re sinking fast. It doesn’t have to play out like that. You have the power of choice at your beck and call. You determine which thoughts and ideas are worthy of your further attention. You already wear the big red ‘S’ on your chest. Now all you need to do is remember to reveal your true identity to the world, and more importantly, to yourself.