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A new book in the Creative Warrior series is now available for order. Be one of the first to experience how easy it is to harness the tremendous power of creativity to make BIG things happen in your life.

There is a secret source for success. And the big news…you already possess this awesome gift. You were born with it. Yes, it’s true.  It’s called your inner Creative Warrior, and is waiting for you to answer its call. 

 This is a practical guidebook to help you attain your big goals in life. You’ll get dozens of easy-to-use tools to navigate the obstacles that stand in your way of success. 

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cropped-creativity.gifYou can usher big success into your life simply by engaging the awesome power of creativity!

It’s true. Being creative is not about being artistic. Far from it. It’s a unique state of mind focused on ideation and perception. And it can be harnessed and developed by anybody (even if you think you have no creative ability whatsoever). Let the Creative Warrior show you how to activate the innate power of creativity to transform all aspects of your life. Creativity can be the most powerful tool to help you move ahead on the path to achieving your life goals. So why not invest a bit in yourself today to get there sooner? 

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-Seth B. Greenwald