“Seth is a very kind, smart and insightful communication coach. His one-on-one training went well beyond my expectation and helped me present with more confidence, enthusiasm and sense of purpose. I strongly recommend Sherpa Seth as a personal guide to facilitate a rapid improvement of your communication and leadership skills.” ~R. Licht, Management Trainer

“Inspiring, authentic, and practical, Seth persuades his listeners to think big, dream big and be bigger. His is transformational work. Seth’s talks are educational, entertaining and filled with insightful tips for higher and better living.  He has a unique ability to take massively complex ideas – like successful public speaking, project management, or the psychology of confidence – and create wide appeal. The very embodiment of a growth mindset, Seth is a skilled and masterful motivational speaker and great communicator.” ~C. Levy-Bencheton, Marketing Consultant

“Seth is an experienced speaker with a talent for getting his message across to his audience using humor in key parts of his speech. Whenever Seth is speaking, learning is occurring. Seth has the ability to not only lead others into understanding his message, but also to leave the audience with the experience of gaining knowledge.” ~D. Marino,  School Teacher

“Sherpa Seth’s public speaking course is great! I very much enjoyed the friendly environment. Seth’s structured approach is very clear and helpful and I learned how to be precise and to the point. I highly recommend his course.” ~A. Weil, Scientist

“I really enjoyed participating in Sherpa Seth’s Public Speaking Excellence course! The six week program was presented in a serious manner but, at the same time, was entertaining, interactive and fun. Every class helped me grow and become more confident in the public speaking world. I enthusiastically recommend his course to anyone who is looking to improve their public speaking abilities.” ~C. Tacuri, Painting Contractor

“Seth’s warm and engaging teaching style kept me hooked from intro to closing. I found his insightful ideas on creative thinking and spontaneous speaking easy to understand and brilliantly presented.” ~A. DiScala, Acquisition Supervisor

I have experienced Seth’s stellar speaking skills in action on multiple occasions. I’m always impressed with his inspiring content and dynamic delivery. He stands for something important-and shows us by engaging and entertaining example-how to express ourselves with confidence, authenticity and purpose. I highly recommend Seth for your organization’s next event! ~J. Langel, Attorney