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About Sherpa Seth’s ‘Find Your Flow’ Workshop

“Taking Sherpa Seth’s course was a mind-opening experience! In a fun and engaging manner. Seth taught me numerous powerful techniques to overcome my hesitancy in speaking spontaneously. His interactive exercises showed me how to to think fast on my feet and stay in the flow of the moment. Seth’s course was the key for me in achieving effective communication and making difficult decisions as a leader. I would highly recommend this inspiring and enlightening course to anyone looking to level up their communication skills.” ~C. Karande, Director of Data Analytics

“Sherpa Seth’s course was outstanding! His easy-to-implement techniques helped me to silence my inner critic, find my authentic voice and stay focused. I gained confidence speaking to larger audiences and had fun doing so. Seth is a great teacher and I highly recommend this course to anyone who is looking to take their public speaking skills to the next level.” ~K. Jankay, Program Manager

“Sherpa Seth is an animated, genuine, and warm-hearted teacher. His creative techniques unleashed my inner flow. His sessions were informative, engaging, and inspiring. I am forever grateful for the investment I made in myself and for what I learned from Sherpa Seth!” ~C. Bush, Regional Project Manager

“Sherpa Seth’s boundless energy and enthusiasm ignited a spark in me from the very first session. I especially liked that he gave each student an opportunity to present in class and show off what I’d learned. Seth’s techniques on impromptu storytelling transformed my Toastmasters contest speech into a winner!” ~J. Schaffer, Managing Director

“Seth’s warm and engaging teaching style kept me hooked from intro to closing. I found his insightful ideas on public speaking and spontaneous communication easy to understand and brilliantly presented!” ~A. DiScala, Office Manager

About Sherpa Seth as Conference Presenter

“Sherpa Seth was my favorite presenter at the conference! Best energy. Most inspiring. Seth gets it about authentic presence!” ~M. Lane, Brand Strategy Consultant

“I have experienced Sherpa Seth’s stelar speaking skills in action on multiple occasions. I’m always impressed with his inspiring content and dynamic delivery. He stands for something important-and shows us by engaging and entertaining example-how to express ourselves with confidence, authenticity and purpose. I highly recommend Seth for your organization’s next event!” ~J. Langel, Attorney

“Inspiring, authentic, and practical, Sherpa Seth persuades his listeners to think big, dream big and be bigger. His is transformational work. Seth’s talks are educational, entertaining and filled with insightful tips for higher and better living.  He has a unique ability to take massively complex ideas – like successful public speaking, project management, or the psychology of confidence – and create wide appeal. Seth is a masterful motivational speaker!  ~C. Bencheton, Marketing Consultant

“Sherpa Seth is an experienced speaker with a talent for getting his message across to his audience using humor in key parts of his speech. Whenever Seth is speaking, learning is occurring. Seth has the ability to not only lead others into understanding his message, but also to leave the audience with the experience of gaining knowledge.” ~D. Marino, Teacher