What Type of Action Personality Are You?

Are you a great talker?

Do you enjoy planning out your next moves?

Do you take a few steps, get bored and start something new?

Are you laser focused on realizing your goals?

Click below to discover your action personality type…

Everyone takes action in their own way. Some people talk a good game. Others enjoy planning the game out. And others are determined to follow through to win the game. The game can be whatever goal one chooses to pursue. Here are the four action archetypes and a little about how each one thinks. Which personality type are you?

Talking Heads

Talking: that’s my jam

Planning: for what?

Following Through: no interest

Favorite Quote: “a picture is worth a thousand words. so close you eyes and let me tell you about it”

Favorite Sport: cocktail parties

Favorite Movie: anything Mamet


Blue Printers

Talking: i’d rather write

Planning: can’t get enough

Following Through: time to delegate

Favorite Quote: “let’s diagram out our next move”

Favorite Sport: chess or stratego

Favorite TV show: this old house


Image result for looking for exitsOff Rampers

Talking: i’m fine with it

Planning: sure, why not

Following Through: not a fan

Favorite Quote: “always know where the exits are”

Favorite Song: you can’t touch this

Favorite TV show: the dating game


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Pro Chievers

Talking: gotta start somewhere

Planning: with no plan, i’m going nowhere

Following Through: gotta get there

Favorite Quote: “winning is everything”

Favorite Sport: game of life

Favorite Movie show: around the world in 80 days


Did you recognize yourself in one of these action archetypes? Maybe you saw you in more than one of them. Whatever the case may be, the fact is that we get the most accomplished fastest when we strive to master the skills of talking, planning and following through.