New Workshop: Find Your Flow

Sherpa Seth is back with an all new dual session course! I’ll show you how to level up your storytelling game by tapping into your transformational power of FLOW!

The Game is Happening Now. Are You In?

Session 1 LIVE on ZOOM: Wednesday, December 6, 7:00-8:30pm EST 

What’s at stake in the game? Well it’s whatever you’re playing for. Are you pitching to a prospective client? Are you interviewing for a new position? Are you giving a project briefing to senior management? Are you negotiating with a vendor? You have one shot to do your best. That’s why you need to be on your A-Game. And the prerequisite to playing at your peak is to ensure your head is in the game. In other words, you won’t get A-Game results with a B-Game mindset. The game is happening now. What can you do to ensure you’re in?

There are many ways to practice maintaining your focus in the ever-changing present moment. One of most effective ways I’ve found is through tapping into the transformational mind state called Flow. In sports parlance, it’s called “being in the zone”. The good news is you don’t need to be an athlete to access the power of Flow. This is the realm of pure doing. No thinking, no hesitation, no self-consciousness. In this almost magical state of consciousness, you have no choice but to perform at your optimal level because you’ve banished doubt, uncertainty and fear. You may be thinking that all sounds too good to be true. And you’d be right IF you never experience Flow.

If you don’t try, you’ll never discover the truth. During our time together, we’ll practice simple yet highly effective techniques to tap into your inner superpower of Flow so you can deliver A-Game results anytime, anywhere. This is the course you’ve been searching for. Come join me for a truly life-changing experience that you can use to take your presentation skills to the next level.

You’ll learn about serious things…

The FlowBee Mindset: To experience the transformational state of flow, you’ll need to put yourself in the right mind. Flowbee-ing will get you there.

You’ll practice with fun activities…

Box Breathing: It’s amazing what breathing in the right way will do to calm your mind, focus your thinking and boost your confidence. This breathing exercise works in minutes.

FreeWriting: A fun exercise that we’ll use to clear out our cobwebs and kickstart our creative writing abilities.

Rapid Fire Decision Making: Analysis paralysis is the antithesis of action. This activity will show you there is no one right way to make a decision. And there’s always room to adjust.

Homework, The Art of Flaneuring: Take a walk and take it all in. Your goal is NOT to have a goal and enjoy the process of getting there, wherever there may take you. Don’t think about it, just go.

Let’s Flow On and Tell our Sticky Stories!

Session 2 LIVE on ZOOM: Wednesday, December 13, 7:00-8:30pm EST

It’s time to apply what we covered in session one to improving our public speaking skills, specifically through the incredible power of storytelling. In this very noisy world of ours, our audience only has so much bandwidth to devote to us and our presentations. Let’s help them cut through the noise by presenting stories which are memorable, and being storytellers in Flow who are unforgettable.

Every professional knows they must wield the power of communication to great effect. The manner in which we present our ideas is critically important when interacting with our team, our stakeholders, and our vertical chain. The most effective professionals are masters at crafting project narratives that are clear, meaningful and memorable. Data heavy presentations just won’t cut it.

We need to tell our stories in a manner that captures the attention of our audience members throughout the full duration of our presentation. Our brains are hardwired to listen to and remember stories. When you include stories in your presentation your audience will naturally become more engaged with your content. Additionally, when you structure your entire presentation as a story your message will be remembered long after you’ve left the stage. It’s a win-win for you and your audience.

Story telling will consistently supercharge your communication and leadership skills and, in the process, help you to take your career to the next level.

You’ll learn about serious things…

Story Structure: Before we begin writing our story, we want to create a road map to guide us from opening to conclusion. Developing an outline, which identifies the elements of our story, will facilitate journey.

Sticky Story Titles: Everything has a name but is that name memorable? We’ll cover how to create a title for your story that your audience remember long after your presentation is done.

You’ll practice with fun activities…

 ‘5Ws’ Impromptu Storytelling: This is a fun exercise to build your storytelling muscles. You’ll be given a randomly-generated outline and then tap into the power of your Flow to create an on-the-spot sticky story.  

Homework, Storytelling on the Go: Use your impromptu creative skills to develop stories as you flaneur around your neighborhood.

It’s Time to Take Action…Now

Learning a new concept is exciting when you can apply what you learn to improving an existing skill set. Flow is more than an idea. Flow is a game changer for your career and your life. Don’t miss this golden opportunity to learn how to accomplish your big goals exponentially faster when you learn to tap into the transformational power of Flow, on demand.

The game is happening now. Are you in?

To facilitate maximum participation at my session, I limit the number of participants who can register. Registration is on a first come first serve basis.

The cost of my course is regularly $297. When you register before November 15, you’ll receive a 25% discount. That’s only $222. All it takes is two minutes to register and you’ll be on an exciting journey as you learn to transform your career and life with Flow.

Register Here…

I take two forms of payment: Venmo or PayPal. Send $297 before registration closes on December 1 or for my early birds, $222 before November 15.

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Ready, Set, Let’s Flow!

Don’t miss this golden opportunity to level up your career and your whole life with the incredible power of Storytelling in FLOW. I hope to see you on December 6th as we begin our seriously fun time together!

All the best, Sherpa Seth

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