Just Build It!

I am constantly looking forward to the weekend. Not just because I have two days away from work. It’s because my weekends are filled with multiple visits to The Home Depot. And I love it! Walking through the never-ending aisles with all of those tools and materials reaching out as far as my eyes can see. Each time I’m inspired to build some thing new. A product that’s never existed in this world before.

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I build furniture. When I begin a project, I don’t use someone else’s pre-designed plans. I look for inspiration from the world around me. Believe me, there’s a truckload of inspiration out there. It may come from the world of architecture, or from nature, or from other pieces of furniture. In truth, we can be moved to create at anytime, and anywhere. Just need to keep our eyes open and our mind clear.

Furniture-making is nothing special. It’s just the creative channel in which I’ve chosen to express myself. You, my dear reader, may be interested in creating some thing else. Maybe your interests lie in writing a book, creating a painting, singing a song or penning a blog post. Whatever it is that turns you on is the thing you should create. This sentiment is captured perfectly in the classic song by the Isley Brothers….It’s your thing, do what you want to do.

Now let me be clear. Your thing does not need to shake up or revolutionize the world in order to be significant. And you don’t have to be the next Thomas Edison or Steve Jobs. You just have to be YOU. Because you are unique and see things with a perspective that no one who has walked this Earth has ever possessed. Again, there is no one exactly like you, never has been and never will be.

That’s a life-changing philosophy because it empowers us to create some thing. It doesn’t matter what it is or how much impact it makes in the world. Your small contribution may not result in a large impact on the world. Many people are discouraged by the old adage, “there’s nothing new under the sun”. That may be partially true. But it doesn’t really matter. Because another adage, “you never know if you don’t try” has greater power and value for you. What really matters is whether your thing makes a difference in someone’s life. If it has, then you must consider your efforts successful.

When you see the world this way, it’s hard not to be compelled to improve yourself in every dimension. You’ll want to fine tune your abilities in order to create some thing that you’ll be proud to offer the world. That thing, in raw form, is already inside you. It’s your obligation to form it, grow it, and birth it. Only you can do that.

Remember this…it’s vastly better to produce some thing that reaches only a handful of people than to leave this world with your creation, still unformed and locked away inside your head.

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