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The Ever-Expanding Box

It feels good to question the way things are. As we search for answers, we define a world for ourselves. Notice I said “a world” and not “the world”. That’s because each of us are creating our own reality. The world “out there” is enormous and may make us feel small when we comprehend things from our own limited viewpoint.

Many people feel uncomfortable when their world view is questioned. They feel grounded, safe and in control of their lives. Nothing’s wrong with wanting to feel that way. The problem arises when we think we know everything and stop asking questions. At that point we cut ourselves off from experiencing new things. We create a box to live in and lock ourselves in. We become so sure of ourselves that nothing comes in and nothing goes out.

I say it’s all a delusion. We can never create a big enough box to contain our whole world. I’m not saying it’s wrong to create the box. I’m saying that we must remember to allow the box to expand beyond the limits of what we know now. There are always new things to see, new places to visit, new people to meet.

By opening ourselves up to new experiences, we remind ourselves that the way we understand the world is only one of 7 billion unique approaches. It feels good to know that it’s our way but not the only way.

The flip side is that when we see ourselves as just one of masses, we can feel small and unimportant. That’s when our ego awakes. It tells us that we are important and special. It may even want us to close the box. That’s the little voice we must learn to ignore. We must remain inquisitive. This is when your Creative Warrior must kick the box open and go out to explore the wonders of the world.

© 2014 Seth Greenwald