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Are you ready to discover the #1 secret for public speaking excellence? Allow me to be your friendly guide on July 31st at a live webinar. This is a free event to celebrate National Leadership Development Day.




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Page 2 Stage Public Speaking Course

Some people have no problem walking onto a stage to share their ideas with an audience of their peers. A smaller subset can speak with ease, confidence and a captivating presence. And finally there are still fewer speakers who utilize a powerful formula consisting of five distinct elements guaranteed to move a speaker towards public speaking excellence. Are you wondering why the world’s greatest speakers have yet to discover this formula? Simple. Because it was not invented by an analytical engineer who loves to share his fresh approach to speaking in public with his tribe of creative idea people. Spoiler alert: That engineer is ME and the time is NOW.

This exclusive online video course is for anyone who wants to join my Expedition Team as we climb up to the peak of public speaking together. In addition, when you enroll as a member of my High Climbers Crew you’ll trek with me on a five week journey, LIVE on Zoom. Here’s what you’ll learn in the course:

Week 1: Developing the Right Mindset

Week 2: Crafting a Single Digit Message

Week 3: Preparing a Shapely Structure

Week 4: Practicing with Authenticity

Week 5: Engaging with Your Audience

Week 6: Your LIVE Presentation on Zoom                         *for Peak Performance Club members only*

This course is a valuable learning tool which I’ve designed exclusively for my fellow idea people. If you’re interested in building a better version of your self through the power of public speaking then this course is for you. If you’re ready to rapidly trek from page to stage with ease and confidence then this course is definitely designed for you!

1) *ATTENTION! Register for my free online webinar on July 31st @ 4pm EST.  Limit for this webinar is 100 people.

2) **BONUS! Become a member of my Expedition Team when you purchase the online video course. You’ll receive access to BaseCamp where you can download all of the course material including video modules, audio files, tip sheets, work-at-home assignments and much more. In addition, you’ll receive a free copy of my new book, “An Engineer’s Formula for Public Speaking Excellence”. BEST VALUE: One time payment of $66 typically $99.

3) ***SPECIAL OFFER! Be enrolled as a member of my High Climbers Crew when you purchase the LIVE course. You’ll receive all of the benefits provided to my Expedition Team PLUS access to my weekly Zoom calls. Here I’ll provide you with a live group coaching session for five consecutive weeks. We’ll review your home assignments and prepare you for the next learning module. These sessions will begin soon after the webinar and continue for six consecutive weeks. In addition, you’ll have special access to my private Facebook group where you can interact with your fellow crew members and Sherpa Seth. *Limit for my High Climbers Crew is 50 people. BEST VALUE: One time payment of $88 typically $159.

4) ****EXCLUSIVE OPPORTUNITY! Join my exclusive Peak Performance Club when you purchase the LIVE presentation package. You’ll receive all of the benefits provided to my High Climbers Crew PLUS members of this special group will have the opportunity to do something highly unique for an online course…give a LIVE presentation on Zoom in front of your fellow club members and you’ll receive valuable feedback from Sherpa Seth. You’ll be scheduled to give your presentation during week six of the LIVE course. *Limit for my Peak Performance Club is 25 people. BEST VALUE: One time payment of $132 typically $249.

Don’t worry, it might sound scary now, but I guarantee that my course and I will get you ready, willing and able to do it. That’s what public speaking is all about..the LIVE performance!

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to learn how to get what you want out of life by climbing to the peak of public speaking excellence with Sherpa Seth! 


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In the meantime, go there now to download a complimentary copy of my book, “An Engineer’s Formula for Public Speaking Excellence” (pdf file), Momentary Musings (audio files), interviews, tip sheets and other useful tools to guide you on your journey up to the peak of public speaking excellence. Sherpa Seth is super excited to meet you!


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