Improv to Improve

Sherpa Seth Speaks

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October-December 2021

Improv to Improve: Your Team’s Performance with Lessons from Bad Art

Session Description: Honest communication, a collaborative mindset and a strong sense of common purpose…these are the critical characteristics that all high performing teams share. No mindful manager would disagree that these items must be included on every short list for project success. However, there is much divergence on how to cultivate a culture where group excellence will thrive. It may surprise you that the key to understanding teamwork can be traced to the unlikeliest of places…ART. Join me as we explore what it means when managers act as servant artists to help their teams create masterpieces.

Learning Objectives:

  • what bad artwork can teach us about good teamwork
  • how to cultivate a culture of synergy to improve their team’s performance
  • what it means to be a servant artist within the context of management
  • how to use the B.I.T. Round Robin Method to create a collaborative story with their team

Speaker’s Bio: Seth B. Greenwald PMP, aka Sherpa Seth, is a best-selling author, keynote speaker and popular communication coach for managers, creatives and technical professionals. Seth holds degrees in Mechanical Engineering from The Cooper Union and Industrial Design from Pratt Institute. He has served as technical project manager in the A/E/C industry for more than two decades for several of the nation’s largest engineering and construction organizations including the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Seth is the author of three books on creative problem solving and presentation skills. His most recent publication “An Engineer’s Formula for Public Speaking Excellence” is a unique field manual for discovering one’s authentic voice to lead a team with confidence, conviction and clarity. Seth is a charter member of the PMI Westchester chapter, and founder of the PMI NYC Toastmasters club. He currently serves as President of an award-winning Toastmasters club in Westchester, NY. He lives with his wife, son and Uno, his always hungry dog.