Get Creatively Engaged with Sherpa Seth at District 48 Conference on May 14 (in person and virtual)

Table Topics 2.0: A Game Changing Skill for the New Normal Workspace

In the new normal of our pandemic world, real time face-to-face communication is more important than ever. The determining factor for workplace success is how quickly you can revive your impromptu speaking skills. Since we all love participating in Table Topics that shouldn’t be a big deal for us Toastmasters. We are ever ready to respond for 1-2 minutes to any question thrown our way.

Though, when you think about it, how much of our day is spent in activities that result in formal Q&A sessions? 15%, 20%, 25% max. In my experience, the majority of our time is spent communicating in an ad hoc around-the-water-cooler fashion, which requires mental agility and improvisational skills. What sets you up for success is your ability to develop an instant connection with your colleagues. The better you are at collaborative communication, the brighter you’ll shine.

Join me on Friday, May 14 as I introduce you to a key concept in my formula for public speaking excellence called Creative Engagement. It’s a game changing approach to interpersonal communication and ultimately for the advancement of your career.

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