Get Creatively Engaged with Sherpa Seth at District 48 Conference in May

Can your impromptu speaking skills be tailored to help you develop better relationships with your team at work?

I love table topics! Practicing at my local clubs has increased my impromptu speaking skills at least ten fold since I joined Toastmasters. I love the feeling of confidence, knowing that I can skillfully handle any question that’s thrown my way. It’s been a game changer for my communication competency and my career.

At work, I love conducting Q&A sessions. They’re my favorite part of my project team meetings. However I often feel that there’s more to communication than off-the-cuff speaking. I want to experience a closer engagement with my audiences, my team and my customers. Can impromptu speaking skills be tailored to develop better working relationships? The answer to that question is a resounding YES, AND that’s the topic I’ll be speaking about as we explore what it means to be Creatively Engaged with your audience.

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