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Attention all continuous improvers! Leveling up your career is now as easy as 1-2-3-4-5. Join Sherpa Seth for a five week online course starting August 2, 2023 to instantly improve your impromptu communication skills by discovering the transformative mind state called FLOW!

Sherpa Seth is climbing to the peak of public speaking excellence once again. And he’s bringing together a select group of creative explorers to join him on an exciting journey to elevate their careers via the improvisational route. Are you ready for aseriously fun and enlightening adventurewith your friendly guide, Sherpa Seth?!

The Game is happening NOW. Are you in?

What’s at stake in the game? Well it’s whatever you’re playing for. Are you pitching to a prospective client? Are you interviewing for a new position? Are you giving a project briefing to senior management? Are you negotiating with a vendor? You have one shot to do your best. That’s why you need to be on your A-Game. And the prerequisite to playing at your peak is to ensure your head is in the game. In other words, you won’t get A-Game results with a B-Game mindset. The game is happening now. What can you do to ensure you’re in?

There are many ways to practice maintaining your focus in the ever-changing present moment. One of most effective ways I’ve found is through the art of improv comedy. You may be thinking that you’re not interested in moving in that direction. That’s fine because my type of improv is not about being funny, but all about having fun with your colleagues. I call my methodology, Improv2Improve: Find Your FLOW. During my course I’ll show you how to quickly tap into the powerful flow state of consciousness which you’ll need to deliver A-Game results. The key is to switch from the analytical control-oriented mindset to a more relaxed, creative and focused state of mind.

In sports parlance, FLOW is called “being in the zone”. The good news is you don’t need to be an athlete to access the power of FLOW. It’s accessible to you anytime, anywhere! And tapping into FLOW is not as difficult as you may first think because we are all born with the necessary tools to make the switch. Now we need to learn to use them in the right way.

The next course is coming soon. Are you in?

My Improv2improve course will help take your career to new heights. For maximum participation, I limit the number of students accepted into my program. My next five week course will be conducted via Zoom and meet on Wednesday evenings from 7:00-8:30 pm EST starting August 2.

Scroll down to learn about what we’ll be covering during each of the five sessions.

Course Agenda:

>>Session 1 (August 2): Introduction and Course Overview

Learn how to access your inner source of creative confidence anytime you choose. Discover the inner switch that will take you from self-limiting critic to can-do creator in an instant. Experience your ‘A Game’ feeling. Understand why adopting an A-Game mindset (AGM) will help you elevate your career to the next level. We’ll practice the AGM freedom technique of: We’ll practice two AGM techniques: Free Breathing and Free FLOW 1.

>>Session 2 (August 9): Collaborative Communication and Brainstorming 

Discover how to work in sync with your colleagues to co-create solutions and contribute to a culture of collaboration. Learn how to develop your divergent thinking skills as a tool for peak performance. We’ll practice two AGM techniques: Free Seeing and Free FLOW 2.

>>Session 3 (August 16): Psychological Flow and the Total Immersive Experience 

Learn how to tune into the work you’re doing and tune out the external disruptions around you. My approach is much better than a pair of ear buds. 😊 Discover how to listen without distracting thoughts and speak with clarity and purpose. We’ll practice two AGM techniques: Free Sketching and Free FLOW 3.

>>Session 4 (August 23): Present Focus and Improvisational Storytelling

Learn how to perform at your most optimal by maintaining your focus in the cutting edge of time. Experience the powerful sense of personal freedom by tapping into the present moment and leveraging it to achieve ‘A Game’ results.

Discover the steps to creating a speech on-the-spot with minimal time for preparation. Learn how to use the powerful methodology called ‘impromptu bullet pointing’. We’ll practice two AGM techniques: Free Storytelling and Free Collaborating 4.

>>Session 5 (August 30): Presenting Your Story and Course Conclusion

Give a 5 minute personal story on-the-spot in front of your fellow classmates. No worries! You’ll be able to successfully do this by implementing the FLOW principles you learned in the course. Recap of the main concepts covered during the course. Presentation of certificates to all students.

There’s nothing more effective than putting the ideas you learn in class into practice. That’s the quickest way to improve your impromptu communication skill set. During each session you’ll participate in at least two interactive exercises along with your fellow students. My course is about taking chances and learning to fail. Yes I said FAIL, which stands for First Attempt In Learning. My course is a safe environment where we support each other to improve our A Game mindset to deliver A-Game results while improv-ing together!

My Improv2improve course will help take your career to new heights. For maximum participation I limit the number of students I accept in the program. My next five week course is conducted via Zoom and meets on Wednesday evenings from 7:00-8:30 pm EST starting August 2.

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