1. Harnessing the Power of Creativity for Project Management Success
Location: PMI Global Conference, Philadelphia, PA
Recorded: October 2019
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Synopsis: Innovation starts with the creative-thinking mindset. Whole brain assimilation is the secret to greater success for project managers and their teams.
2. Harnessing Your inner Creative Warrior for Success
Location: CLCON Conference, Boston, MA
Recorded: May 2019
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Synopsis: You already possess a great source of creative power. It’s time to learn how to tap into it to make big things happen in your life.
3. No Guts, No Glory
Location: PepsiCo Headquarters
Recorded: June 2018
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Synopsis: You already have the confidence to speak in public. Use these techniques to connect with your inner ham.

4. Make Your Future Self Proud
Location: Rockefeller Labs, New York, NY
Recorded: January 2019
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Synopsis: Every day you have an opportunity to make your future self proud by deciding to  take bold action.