1. Harnessing Your inner Creative Warrior for Success
Location: CLCON Conference, Boston, MA
Recorded: May 2019
. . .
Synopsis: You already possess a great source of creative power. It’s time to learn how to tap into it to make big things happen in your life.

2. Make Your Future Self Proud
Location: Rockefeller Labs, New York, NY
Recorded: January 2019
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Synopsis: Every day you have an opportunity to make your future self proud by deciding to  take bold action.

3. On the Road to Success, You May Run Over Your Inner Critic
Location: Sheridan Auditorium, Ossining, NY
Recorded: November 2018
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Synopsis: Reach your goals faster by engaging your inner Creative Warrior to help you vanquish the gremlins you meet along the way.
No Guts, No Glory Workshop
4. No Guts, No Glory
Location: PepsiCo Headquarters
Recorded: June 2017
. . .
Synopsis: You already have the confidence to speak in public. Use these techniques to connect with your inner ham.