Seth B. Greenwald is a best-selling author who enjoys speaking on the topics of personal development and peak performance at industry conferences and corporate events. He currently works as a Design Manager at the Army Corps of Engineers. He lives in Pleasantville, NY with his wife, son and dog…



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His critically-acclaimed book “Secrets of a Creative Warrior” is chock full of powerful yet simple exercises to help the readers break out of their comfort zone by engaging with their innate creative powers.



He is founder and illustrator of the award-winning greeting card company, SBG Cards.



His professional career as an architectural designer and design manager spans over twenty years at several well-respected consulting firms in NYC.


Seth is a ten year veteran of Toastmasters, an international organization specializing in public speaking and personal development. In 2016, Seth earned the prestigious DTM  (Distinguished Toastmaster) award. This is the highest level of recognition in the Toastmasters program.


Seth offers a free quarterly newsletter called The Muse Memo. Click here for access to the archives.

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Book Seth to energize your audience at your next event. Here’s a partial list of organizations who’ve benefited from my Creative Warrior workshops:



-U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

-NYC Department of Transportation

-The Cooper Union, School of Engineering

-Westchester College of Business

-Toastmasters International

-OmniCom Media Group

-TranSystems Inc.

-Elmsford Rotary Club

-Merchandise Mart Properties

-Pleasantville High School

-NYC School of Economics

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